Baby, its getting cold outside!

Baby, its getting cold outside!

Hi you guys,

This post was long overdue so I’m going to keep it short and simple. The season is changing which means it’s time to invest in a fall/winter wardrobe?
Honestly, It’s confusing living in Bombay because summer never really ends here. On the other hand, when I was living in London last year, fall winter wardrobe was serious business. The weather starts changing October onwards which means 2 sweaters + 1 jacket + 1 coat every time you step out ( anything below 20’C is death for us Bombay people!)

On the contrary, I’d be prancing around in sun dresses during Bombay winters (well, almost winters).

But, lets not get discouraged. We can still try some easy transitional trends that are season appropriate no matter what the weather is.
I’m listing down some trends that I tried this year, you’d already know if you follow me on Instagram.

Also, I’m traveling to London next month which means we are back to 2 sweaters + 1 jacket + 1 coat situation.

Transitional fashion: wear whatever the hell you want to!

BakerBoy Hats: Baker boy hats (also known as newsboy, poor boy or fisherman hats) rose to popularity around the turn of the century, but they’re having a moment yet again this year. Celebs like Bella Hadid, Zendaya and Cara Delevigne are repeat offenders when it comes to baker boy caps. On the runway, you’ll see them popping up everywhere. This trend is back with a vengeance, so you can step away from your beanie and opt for a chic baker boy cap to keep your head warm this winter.

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Booties: What’s the best thing about fall? Yes, boots! And what’s one trend that’s guaranteed to impress all of your friends? The sock boot/booties. The best bit? They give the ultra-flattering illusion of super slim ankles due to their stretchy hugging effect.

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Corset Skirts: There’s nothing I don’t love about the corset trend. Belts, dresses, boots, you give me anything corset style and I’ll wear it. Thus, this corset skirt is a fresh way to wear this trend and whats a better time than transitional season.

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Fuzzy Textures: Tops, bags, shoes, jackets, I’ll take everything with a side of fuzzy. Fuzzy textures is the ultimate  hack to look luxe and stay warm this transitional season.

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