Coach x Selena Gomez

Coach x Selena Gomez




Hello My Darlings,

The Coach x Selena Gomez Collection is finally here and I’ve got the first look for you guys!

On 4th August, Coach unveiled the long-awaited Coach x Selena Gomez collection, a limited edition of handbags and accessories co-designed by Gomez and the brand’s own Stuart Vevers.

These bags will be in store by September 1st but thanks to Genesis Luxury, I was able to get my hands on this exclusive holy Selena Grace Bag.

The Coach x Selena Gomez collection contains a double-handled tote with gold hardware, a wristlet, a cardholder for the smaller essentials and some heart-shaped bag charms.

Out of which my fave is the Selena Grace Bag. This bag is very chic, lady-like double-handled carryall available in three new colors: Selena Black Cherry, a dark purple hue, Selena White, a creamy off-white, and Selena Red, a proper cherry red. The bag also features a hangtag featuring the singer’s signature, as well as a patch fastened inside the bag with the message, “To be you is to be strong.” and an engraving on the underside of the bag of her Arabic tattoo’s English translation, “Love yourself first.”

These bags will never go out of style, very versatile and just something you’d want to invest your money in.

I’ve added down below everything that’s available in this collaborative collection, hope you guys enjoy it.


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