The Most Coveted Summer Trends: Millennial Pink + Off The Shoulder

The Most Coveted Summer Trends: Millennial Pink + Off The Shoulder

Today’s post is dedicated to the most coveted summer trends. I realized these trends have taken over my social media and you if guys had a chance to notice, probably your Instagram or pinterest feeds are drowning in these Spring Summer trends too.

So, what are the most coveted fashion trends this season? Well, there are so many! From Gingham prints to bamboo bags, OTT ruffles to everything wrap. But for now I’ve shortlisted 3 cult trends that are dominating my Instagram feed. These trends are based on Topwear, I’m thinking i’ll do a follow up posts for Bottoms, Bags, Accessories and so on.

Lets decode my top Instagram looks from this season.

Millennial Pink

You’ve seen it on your favorite celebs, in hair, on walls, in drinks, with cacti, on dresses, in makeup palettes, on food, in music videos, and likely, adorning most of your social media feeds. Chances are you’ve been drowning in Millennial Pink, and you don’t even realize it.

Millennial pink is not actually one color but rather it’s a range of pink shades from beige to blush. It’s androgynous and can be both glamorous and edgy. The color represents gender equality and fluidity which the millennials support. I think it all started last year when Rose quartz was chosen as Pantone’s colour of the year for 2016 combined with everyone’s obsession for rose gold.

I’m a huge fan of this color, you’d know if you look at my instagram feed. Also, my picture went viral on instagram for this outfit below in which Ive tried a millinail pink top paired with frayed denims and mules.

Guess the millennial pink is working its magic.

Off The Shoulder

We can’t say we’re surprised, really off-the-shoulder dresses and tops have been dominating clothing stores, magazines and our Instagram feeds for months. And personally I have never been on team #OTS, I mean come on its the most been-there-done-that trend for spring summer.

Eventually, I think this trend kind of grew on me. I tried an off shoulder shirt dress with a denim skirt. I’ve kept the styling minimal with my go to Topshop mules and a sling bag.

The Wrap Blouse

Wrap blouses were the biggest shirt trend of this year. If I got one like for everytime I saw a fashion blogger wearing a wrap blouse, I’d be a fashion blogger. Haha! But I personally love the wrap trend. These blouses, also known as surplice tops, were my go to this season. Long sleeved, exaggerated cuffs, replete with a huge bow at the waist just instantly gives a boost to your #OOTD.

Below I’ve added my favourite wrap blouses from Aprere.


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